Essential company’s VP of marketing has left the company


We’re not suggesting there may be something awful occurrence over at Essential, yet there may be something awful event over at Essential. The Essential Phone (or PH-1) was reported on May 30, with a transportation date guaranteed for a month after that. All things considered, we’re two weeks past the due date and the Phone’s no place to be seen.

What’s bringing up more issues now is the news that the organization’s VP of showcasing, Brian Wallace, has left the organization. He’s not the first as well, after Andy Fouché, Head of Communications, Business Insider reports.

Obviously, it’s not the first run through individuals change occupations, and we may be searching for an issue where there isn’t one. The $300 million in the bank should likewise mean Essential isn’t really battling. It would surely help however, for appearances’ purpose, if the PH-1 begins shipping.