HD streaming support OnePlus 5T


Chinese cell phone maker OnePlus has affirmed that they’ll be pushing out a refresh that’ll bring HD-spilling support on their most recent OnePlus 5T leader cell phone. There was, be that as it may, no word on when the refresh will arrive.

Over at the authority OnePlus discussions, clients have been whining about this for over seven days now. The talk there uncovers the gadgets don’t have DRM Widevine Level 1 confirmation, which is required for HD spilling.

The OnePlus 5T has Widevine Level 3 guaranteed, which just enables it to play standard definition (SD) streams. The accompanying screenshot affirms L3 accreditation for the 5T is currently a reality.

There’s presently no data on why L3 confirmation was absent in any case. Moreover, the organization’s announcement around a refresh settling the issue just covers the OnePlus 5T, so it’s not clear if the OnePlus 5 will likewise get a comparative refresh.