HTC U11 fail in Scratch, Burn, Bend Test

HTC U11-fail

Ideally you’ve officially experienced our as of late distributed HTC U11 survey. In the event that you have, at that point the following consistent stride is watch a strength testing video that will demonstrate to you how well it charges in scratch, consume, and twist tests. Helpfully, JerryRigEverything has transferred quite recently such a video today, and it’s implanted here for your survey joy.

The U11 begins off of course – its Gorilla Glass shields the screen from scratches as much as it ought to. The sides of the handset are uncovered to be made out of genuine metal, similar to the lip around the principle camera.

It took just 8 seconds of applying an open fire to the show before the pixels went dark, however once the fire was put out the screen recovered.

Things went south when it came time for the curve test, be that as it may. The U11’s metal casing enables it to twist much more than it ought to. Bowing the gadget from the front outcomes in smashed glass, not at all like what happened with the comparably looking U Ultra. That appears to have happened this time around in light of the fact that the U11 shockingly matches bended glass with an adaptable casing.