MWC Exclusive – LG launched G6


Out strolls the lead, in comes the success – with the G6 LG isn’t taking a stab at a top spot in the specs race, rather it’s planning to speak to a more extensive gathering of people and attempting to separate the Gs from the Vs in the lineup. Trust it or not, the G6 will be LG’s strategic offer in the top of the line section. That might be a confusing expression, yet it’s a truly balanced gadget with a couple of imperative components.

The sign of the G6 is its show – a 5.7-inch board fitted in an indistinguishable impression from the 5.3-inch G5. The trap? It’s in a first-on-a-telephone 18:9 angle proportion. Its determination is 2,880×1,440 pixels, it goes along to the HDR 10 and Dolby Vision HDR video measures, and LG guarantees a 600-nit max brilliance in direct daylight. Well-deserving of a top of the line cell phone, then.

Back to that “esteem” bit above, however – it won’t be the Snapdragon 835 ticking inside the handset. From one perspective Samsung has dibs on the primary clusters of Qualcomm’s most recent chip for the Galaxy S8, on the other – the S821 is a demonstrated entertainer, and one that LG’s had a lot of time to upgrade for. It’s likewise not the first run through LG has selected the second most noteworthy SoC Qualcomm brings to the table – in the times of the harried S810, the G4 was doing fine and dandy with the S808.