Sony and Facebook enable direct 3D Creator sharing


Facebook presented 3D posts before, yet today the informal organization is taking off gITF 2.0 consistence to help fantastic 3D content. The greatest gainful are proprietors of Xperia cell phones with Android Oreo and 3D Creator application, who get simple sharing of their 3D workmanship. Articles from Oculus Medium can likewise be posted with no issue.

Consistence with gITF 2.0 brings bolster for surfaces, lighting, and practical rendering procedures. The 3D representations and articles are accessible both in the work area variant and the standard application, however Facebook Lite clients will miss on the experience.

Web designers can empower 3D content on their site with another Open Graph tag, while craftsmen utilizing approved programming can drag/drop 3D records on Facebook for a 3D post.

Telephones that as of now bolster this sort of substance are the Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact, alongside the year-old XZ Premium, if you got the refresh to Android Oreo.